Use the Muse II entry -- deadline is today!

Well I have agonized ad nauseum over the photos that needed to be submitted to Scarlett today. It is so difficult when the photos have to 'do the talking' for you and you KNOW these have to show your project to it's best advantage. I finally had to let them go -- send them off -- even though I'd have loved a third or even fourth photo to show this piece on different backgrounds. I am quite pleased with it at the end of the day, and will LOVE wearing it in time!

So now I move on to other projects and wait patiently for a couple of weeks or so until Scarlett and her team of judges arrive at a decision -- no mean feat at all I know. I cannot reveal the "muse" piece but will post a photo of the clasp at the back of the neck. I've used a vermeil hook and some beaded chain with a drop. I'm looking forward to being able to post a photo of the entire piece in the not too distant future!

Beading for a Cure 2010

I have to say I'm delighted my contribution to the Beading for a Cure cause is now complete. I have waited until the last minute to finally wrap it up and mail it in -- friends and family had to see it first!

I was quite excited initially to receive the lovely kit of beads. They evoked a watery scene and it wasn't long before the creative juices were flowing.

I decided to create a cameo especially for this bead set and am pleased with my choice. The illustration shows a flower fairy sailing across the dark waters of the night on her shell-boat. I grew up reading about flower-fairies so the

illustration appealed to me. The resin gives the cameo a solid and durable finish and overall I'm very pleased with the way it turned out.

I glued the cameo to a backing -- bezelled it and then backed it with ultrasuede. Using the 15/o's around the inner edge to hold the cameo itself gives it a delicate appearance -- I quite like these particular beads and will certainly continue to incorporate these in other projects!

The outer edge of the cameo was ultimately embellished with the indicolite Swarovski bicones and I purchased more of these to complete my design.

I placed the beautiful hand-made glass focal bead above the pendant like a 'crown' and attached one of the rose montees on the bail. This lovely bead certainly deserved to be front and center! The bail consists of some of the green erinite Swarovski bicones and I added one of the Rose Montees to the front of the bail. I am NOT a fan of the rose montees -- can you tell? However, I believe I adhered to the rules and incorporated one of every bead!

The pendant is fringed and once again I was pleased with the outcome -- there is a nice line from the outer bicones of the pendant to the outer points of the fringing.
For this project I created a spiral rope -- I've been using these a lot recently as this stitch allows for the use of a number of colors and the formation of pattern. For this particular project, the spiral rope allowed me to use a number of the beads. Once again I'm pleased with the overall appearance.

What I learned from using this color palette is that while it originally appeared to be a diverse palette when the beads were viewed in the tubes, I felt that too many of them were too close in color when actually used. I think I'd have liked a few matte beads in there somewhere!

I HOPE this contribution is well received and that the necklace will fetch a nice price to help the cause of raising funds for Colorectal Cancer Research. I am personally looking forward to seeing what every other participant chose to do with this exact same kit of beads! The Auctions for all the Beading for a Cure projects will take place on eBay, next March, 2010, which is Colorectal Cancer Awareness month.

This project is one that appealed to me personally, as I myself had a right sided hemicolectomy in 2001 when diagnosed with Carcinoid Cancer -- a Neuroendocrine Tumor. I am pleased to say that despite the constant progress of this slow-growing cancer, I am an 8-year survivor and am planning on many more productive and enjoyable BEADY years!

I often wonder if anyone reads these words -- if you read this, please DO leave a comment -- I'd be delighted to hear from you!

Another Project Completed

I was delighted to be able to deliver a commissioned piece this weekend. Some time ago an embellished spiral rope took the eye of a special friend and I'm glad to say that she was pleased with her pendant and spiral rope when I finally presented it.

The rope itself uses mainly size 15 beads as I love to work with these tiny wonders. The core beads are 11/o's and the rope also includes some 4mm glass pearls.

The resin cameo is actually far more delicate in appearance than the photos show! The cameo is bezelled back and front and the surround includes some 3mm glass pearls.

Time flies . . . when you're having fun!

It's hard to believe I have not posted here in over a month! Myself and my DH went to San Francisco mid-June, to meet up with family there on vacation and we had a total blast! Every day was a full one -- we did everything we could to see as much of the beautiful city as possible and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I actually visited ONE bead store (you can imagine the discipline that took) and purchased ONE very special bead. I am amazed myself! I had promised to spend a short time in the store and did just that -- much to everyone's surprise. General Beads is a veritable Aladdin's Cave and I will visit again in the not too distant future. That one bead purchase has been an inspiration to me and helped me decide what to finally do with the Use the Muse II project! Yay!!

Unfortunately, as a result of burning the candle at both ends during the San Francisco visit, I came down with a nasty 'flu and was 'under the weather' in a big way for the best part of a month. When I can't even bead I know I'm not well! Bronchitis in July is no fun.

I feel SO much better these past few days, and am busy with the needle, threads and beads once again. Life is good!