Another Year!

Well here we are already most of the way through the first month of 2011! I'm blessed to be here and still enjoying my beading to the max! I figured after neglecting this blog for most of last year, that this would constitute at least ONE post for this new year! I don't like to make 'resolutions' . . . but this year it is my greatest hope to teach more and share the love of beads that has kept me going for the last few years.

Last weekend I was fortunate to attend the Texas Bead Retreat -- TBR -- my second time to attend. It was just wonderful to catch up with beady friends and enjoy the great laughter that always prevails at these events. And this year I taught my Diamonds and Pearls

bracelet which turned out to be one of the most popular classes. I designed the bracelet specially for this event -- I wanted something that was suitable for beginners, yet would attract the more experienced beader, and I was successful in doing just that. This project can be completed in an evening.

I was thrilled to have so many students complete the bracelet and wear it AT the Retreat! Still more have contacted me with photos of their completed projects and all are pleased. So overall, it was a very successful experience.

I was happy with the pattern directions that are very clear and easy to follow, and I am looking forward to completing another half dozen patterns over the next few months and teaching more this coming year.

Fingers crossed my health will allow me to do this!