Time flies when you're having fun!

Hard to imagine that so much time has flown by since my last post. I guess I've been on the go as always, but also dealing with minor health issues that have been more frustrating than anything else. I know I was hard-hit by the 'flu -- whether it was THE 'flu or not is unknown -- but I've not had 'flu in years. However, the beading has been continuous if a little spasmodic.

Since I last updated the blog, I've had the pleasure of taking a few classes through the Dallas Bead Society and must say I've thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I believe that new techniques or stitches open up worlds of possibilities and with one of Jill Wiseman's classes I completed the necklace as directed, but then went on to create another number of variations and I've totally enjoyed this process! The first and last necklace look quite different!

Over the last couple of months, I've participated in a bracelet swap, created a number of
bead embroidery pendants, made some more of my beaded cameos and bezelled a glass cabochon -- creating a pendant for a friend. I've completed two necklaces using resin to create the cameo, which I then bezel and fringe, and have also completed a number of bracelets in preparation for Christmas gift-giving!
Last but not least I've been experimenting with some new stitch variations and working to come up with something totally unique -- easier said, than done!

I've also worked on my entry for the Use the Muse III competition, which I felt did not go as smoothly as it should have done. I had to work at it this time round as the beads did not speak to me at all. However, I am very pleased to have been able to simply see it through and I'm totally looking forward to seeing all the other entries when the Muse is revealed!

As I write, I'm still packing my suitcases to take a wonderful masterclass with Carol-Wilcox Wells and DO plan on updating my Blog over the next week or so.

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