Circles of life

While writing and drawing patterns recently in order to teach and share my beady designs, it dawned on me just how life at times comes full circle. I've often told my children that they are the sum of all their life experiences, and this certainly applies to me too!

In my very early working days I was a studio artist and designer in Dublin and absolutely loved the work! I worked with my hands and acquired many skills and most of all I loved working with color.

Years later, having spent time rearing our five children, I returned to college, this time in Texas, and learned to apply these same skills all over again using the computer. I eventually worked in the publishing industry and ultimately as a graphic designer I enjoyed designing books and book-covers, among other things. Once again I loved what I was doing. I totally loved working with color and loved what I always thought of as the mathematical discipline of it all. I also enjoyed the fast pace and constant challenges that each day brought.

Today I find myself once again using those same graphic design skills, but this time I'm producing my own patterns for bead designs I've enjoyed creating. These same skills are today helping me to share my passion.

I don't think I ever saw this current application for the skills I've acquired over the years, but somehow I believe that all of my life experiences have led to where I am today:- I'm still working with color, and loving the discipline and at times the mathematical precision of the beadweaving stitches I now design with.

Isn't life amazing? Life has certainly come full circle for me!

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