Home again and busy with the beads and future plans!

Well it took a little while for me to get back to my poor neglected blog! I was happy to be able to bead away on the various flights to and from Ireland and felt my time was well spent. Many of the flight attendants on one flight came by to admire the work and ask questions and I enjoyed the conversations. I completed a herringbone rope and bead-embroidered pendant to match, and worked on a longer than usual spiral rope. I also completed a small RAW bracelet base, and will embelish that in time.

While in Dublin I managed to visit The Yellow Brick Road beadstore (as a beadaddict I think we develop our inbuilt radar!!) and was just thrilled to be able to purchase a beautiful clasp for a bracelet almost completed for my son-in-law. This is just SO neat and I hope to be able to find something similar here in the future. The young ladies at the Yellow Brick Road stay very busy and obviously love what they do!

The ball is rolling with regard to my teaching classes and I am SO excited about this. I have everything worked out for the first two classes and will look forward to starting in July. Having taught crafts of various forms in Ireland for many years, and sharing my love of knitting and canvas-work here in Texas over the years, I'm enjoying the thoughts of getting back to teaching again!

Today I'm thoroughly enjoying the company of our precious grandson, and am feeling truly blessed.

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