Too Many thoughts and not enough time!

I've been working away this week on finishing a few more beaded cameos and just love doing these! The most recent ones are very 'formal' and I just love combining 3mm pearls with the seed beads. At some point in the future I'll make the tutorial available.

My current challenge is to actually complete a necklace that appeared on the front page of the recent issue of Beadwork Magazine! This was designed by Marcia DeCoster and I've chosen to do this for a couple of reasons. First of all the design truly appealed to me, and I'm making it in burgundy and raspberry tones, as I DO plan to wear this necklace! Secondly the fact that it is constructed using Right Angle Weave means that it was going to be a challenge for me, as I feel very comfortable with many other stitches, but just 'competent' with RAW! At this point I can honestly say I've learned a lot more about the stitch and DO love the flexibility and soft draping of the work. I am truly looking forward to finishing this and adding my own touches -- I can 'see' it all in my mind's eye. This is very time-consuming but I'm getting there!

I also have a few other projects on my plate and am looking forward to getting most if not all of these completed by the end of next week.

Meanwhile my inner designer has been working overtime and I have committed some of these thoughts to paper for the future! I made good use of my recent visit to the newly-opened Aunties Beads in Southlake, Texas by purchasing some wonderful delicas that were 50% off! Too many designs in my head and on paper, and simply NOT enough hours in each day to do it all!

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