Another step in the journey

I joined the ladies of the local Bead Society for the first time on Saturday and have to say I spent a wonderful few hours meeting some VERY talented beaders! I actually learned to slip-stitch a length of bead-crochet rope and must at some point in the future set aside some time to practice this. Our teacher's methods were most thorough and I truly felt I'd accomplished a LOT by learning how to start and finish the rope. Progress!

Also at the meeting a few volunteers (I was one!) received some size 15/o Delicas, as well as some Swarovski beads to experiment with. These came from Artbeads. I completed a pair of earrings from directions in Diane Fitzgerald's Book "Shaped Beadwork" and just love the results.
These are intertwining hexagon shapes. The tiny Delicas are SO fine (NOT the easiest to work with in the dark iris color) and the finished earrings are delicate and lightweight.

I'm looking forward to the next gathering and whatever excitement it brings!

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