Use the Muse II Kit is Here!!

I just LOVe the colors in this wonderful little kit! My first thought was the kit was just so elegant . . . and so perhaps what I will create will be more 'me' than competition material, but I am SO looking forward to working with these wonderful goodies! I really, really love the Swarovski crystals -- I've never actually used this larger size of bead. This kit DOES present a number of challenges for me but I know once I've settled on what I'd like to create, that it will be a pleasure to work with these beads!

If you are thinking of participating in this wonderful contest, I'd encourage you to just jump in see what you can do! (You can enter here!) It is truly amazing what different people can do with the same kit of beads! And I'm already looking forward to the Big Reveal later this summer! Check out all the fabulous and diverse entries for the first Use the Muse contest -- there are truly some VERY talented beaders out there! I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone does.

Congrats and thanks to Scarlett for another wonderful beady palette!

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