Murphy's Law!

Well I worked hard this past weekend to try and finish the Pharoah's Daughter necklace by Marcia DeCoster, the pattern directions for which are published in the June/July Beadwork Magazine. Right Angle Weave is not a favorite stitch for me, and therefor one I needed a lot more practice with -- I certainly feel I've gotten that practice in working this project! Well I was very happy to be getting toward the end of all the stitching BUT . . . "Murphy's Law" reared it's ugly head and wouldn't you just believe it? I was all of 24 size 8 beads SHORT. How frustrating!! Almost there . . . but unable to finish it.

I'm a little perplexed, as the pattern calls for 23 grams of the size 8/o beads and while I did not use the EXACT same beads stipulated in the pattern, (the ones I chose are shiny and have a slight AB finish) I did have a 30 gram tube of size 8/o beads! AND I also made a slight adjustment in the pattern as I did not make the center of the necklace as deep as Marcia's pattern suggests. So to get through the complete 30 gram tube and STILL be a few beads short (to finish the very last rib) was just too much for me at the time. Sigh.

Today I brought home the much-needed tube of beads, with thanks to my eldest daughter who did the shopping for me, and saved me the fifty mile journey there and the same back! Guess what I'll be doing tonight? Hopefully tomorrow I can take some photos!

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  1. well, practice makes perfect. I'm amazed you have enough patience to finish it off! can't wait to see the end product :)