Beading calms the nerves!!

I've written from time to time about the calming effect beading has for me. Well once again I've put this theory to the test, albeit unwillingly! Today my poor hubby was not feeling well when out working -- he was on a roof seeing to some equipment and it was 92 degrees here today! When he spoke of "tightness" in his chest, I was aware of the implications, and after phoning his doc, she said he should go to the ER for some testing. Needless to say I grabbed a tube of beads and my trusty travel box, so that my fingers could at least be busy during the time at the Emergency Room with him. I hate to have nothing to do, as wasting time (which is so precious to me) is something that does NOT sit well with me at all. I just started a RAW bracelet base that was soothing, mindless repetition but with a purpose to it, and so was once again grateful to the beads for calming my spirits.


  1. Now that's a good testament to the power of beading. Thanks for sharing your experience of a deeper meaning to this art. You've made my day.

    at Rings & Things

  2. Thanks for the comment, Dave!- Carol-Anne