Finishing what I've started!

After an Easter Weekend with ALL of my family in town and together for many meals (how cool is that?!) I did finally get to go shopping for some beads to add to and help finish the copper and cameo necklace. However, before I purchased the much-needed beads, I got back to finishing off a necklace for another of the Alphonse Mucha Cameos I created a number of weeks ago. I really love these and am delighted with the finished cameos! Who'd have known that working with the epoxy resin could yield such terrific results?!

Initially my thought was to work a spiral rope for this Mucha cameo, but I ended up using a new stitch for me, which is based on a simple Chevron Chain, but was actually created as I worked with the beads! I am just SO pleased with the outcome. The necklace 'strap' is so very fluid and the stitch allows it to sit beautifully without having to worry about it curving around the neck. There is a lot of movement in the stitch! I think it suits the cameo/pendant which is ornately stitched around the cameo, but simply finished because of it's larger size. I am delighted that this necklace is now complete.

I also finished the copper and cameo necklace (I love it!) that was inspired by my 'Use the Muse' entry.

Over the weekend I picked up the bead-embroidered strip which was to be my first embroidered bracelet and decided, despite the fact that I felt I could have done SO much of it differently, to simply go ahead and finish it. I learned a lot from that exercise -- particularly where finishing and edging the bracelet is concerned. I used a metal blank for the cuff and backed it with black Ultrasuede. There is still much room for improvement and I'm looking forward to my next bead-embroidered piece.

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