Pleasantly side-tracked -- Diane Fitzgerald's new book!

Since 'discovering' seed beads, I've long admired the work of many talented beaders and have learned a lot from reading beading magazines and books. One of my most recent acquisitions is a copy of Diane Fitzgerald's latest book titled Shaped Beadwork. I feel that tackling ANY of these patterns will challenge me utterly, but understanding just what can be accomplished with the various stitches is surely part of exploring beadweaving. Diane's style is unique and easily recognizable and I've long admired her Celtic Trefoil in particular! One of the things on my bucket list is certainly to make a necklace using these marvelous shapes as they certainly appeal to my Celtic soul!

When the book arrived I was smitten and felt I just had to at least take the first step toward learning to make the Trefoil and so I did as instructed (yes -- I know -- I DID actually follow the directions!!) and completed a couple of the oval links beforehand. This exercise is essential to understand the construction of the 'corners' and also to see how the 'step-up' in the second layer of the Trefoil is accomplished.

SO FAR I've made three good attempts at making the Trefoil and to date I'm disappointed with the outcomes. My first attempt was accurate with regard to technique and pattern but it would not sit correctly at all. There's only so much 'give' with these lovely glass delica beads! That effort, although completed, I cut up -- and with the beads started on Trefoil #2. THIS time I noted the importance of the tension and actually worked rather loosely as I got to the outsides of the piece -- loose tension is NOT something I'm used to in peyote stitch! BUT the end result was "better" . . . NOT perfect though!

Even at this stage I could see that the work was not laying flat enough to continue with the second layer. I DO love these Delica beads, though! So at this point I added some copper seed beads to the outer edges, and I feel this is 'usable' although not all it could be! I still felt it was all down to tension so I tried it again. This time I used Toho Treasure beads in pink and silver and was very attentive to the tension and holding the piece so that the second layer was folding over as I worked -- as the finished piece should. It all LOOKED good enough to work

until it was zipped up, and even THIS time I felt it was not sitting flat enough. I was frustrated with this and am now looking for some constructive guidance as I am sure I'm missing something but cannot for the life of me figure out what it might be! I will reach out for some help and see what happens!


  1. i just LOVE the blue / brown beads you are working with on the top trefoil! very celtic indeed. where could you see these used? I could personally see them as cool earrings :)

  2. also, please put a link to your etsy sales page! can you do that on the right column somehow?

  3. Still working on setting it up, Caroline...hopefully next week it will all be ready to fly! Thanks for the great support!