Celtic Trefoil -- lessons learned

Well today the sun is shining and my heart is skipping along with the happiness and personal satisfaction that comes with success! YES I did it! FINALLY!! My most recent Trefoil tribulations have all been resolved and ALL because of the fact that I used the CORRECT THREAD! I am happy to say that simply switching to the Nymo thread that Diane recommended has meant that the latest Trefoil efforts are very successful.

I started Trefoil #5 (!!) with the Nymo thread and some burgundy delicas and trimmed these with silver Toho Treasures, and although I could see where some
adjustments might make an improvement, I have to say I was very confident of a successful outcome, as I worked through the pattern. There is a certain amount of 'give' or stretch in this thread that is essential to the success of the design. Without this flexibility there is no hope of a successful outcome. Filled with the joy of the burgundy Trefoil I then went on to use the olive/pink 133 delicas my local bead store owner suggested, and love the colors. There's a pretty pink sheen to these beads that is not that obvious when photographed in the sunshine.

I stitched some lovely copper seed beads on the outer edges, after zipping the two layers together and am delighted with the finished item. I learned from making the burgundy Trefoil to add an extra copper bead at the three points -- it makes all the difference!

At some point in the future I'll incorporate the Trefoils into a necklace.

MANY thanks to Diane for her encouragement, which I so appreciate.

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