Building on the experience of using 'the muse'

I am relatively new to beadweaving, as I truly only purchased my first tube of seed beads less than six months ago. It took very little indeed for me to fall in love with the tiny beads and now totally love it. So sending away for the "Use the Muse" competition kit was indeed a big step -- I wondered if I was up to the challenge -- and now that this challenge has been met, I am anxious to explore using more filigree metal pieces with the seed beads.

When I received the 'muse' piece I honestly held it in my hands for ages, just dreaming! I considered folding it over a stone or bead ... cutting it ... bending a part of it .. but the more I played with it in my hand the more I liked it JUST as it was. I honestly felt I wanted a few of these pieces so that I could give free reign to my imagination and try different things with the same item. So for the actual entry I left the metal filigree exactly as it was. But yesterday, I actually went ahead and ordered some more of the same piece, and I have plans in place and scribbles on paper ready to use these in the near future. I have to be patient and wait for them to arrive via the US mail!! Today I spent some time in the local bead store (I think they know me!!) purchasing other metal pieces and more swarovski beads
in a couple of colors and I'm very happy with the bits and pieces I've brought home to experiment with. I am determined to stretch myself and consider other shapes and forms and just have fun with seeing where this all goes.

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