March 1st, 2009

March is a month of new beginnings! This month I begin life where our youngest precious daughter is no longer a teenager -- very bitter-sweet. Our family is 'grown up' now! We look forward to all that is to come.

I feel I've taken the 'next step' in my beading journey too this month! I applied for and received my 'Beading for a Cure' kit and am most certainly challenged by this. It is my hope that I can produce an item of beauty that will help raise funds for this wonderful cause. I know that I'll have my work cut out to dream up a design that does the beads justice. My creative abilities as well as my technical abilities will be stretched to accomplish this . . . it is something I've never done before! This project must be finished and mailed before July 5th . . . I have time to work on it.

I have grown so much since I first purchased some seed beads back in September of 2008. I began beading and stringing at the start of 2007 and enjoyed it . . . but working with seed beads and learning and growing as I have been these past months has been so very enjoyable . . . I am passionate about the beads and openly admit to being addicted! I love the creative process! I enjoy the challenge of learning new stitches at this stage and exploring these stitches as my abilities grow.

Most recently I've enjoyed making cameo brooches and necklaces and am proud of each 'masterpiece'!

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