Productive and busy day!

What a productive if very busy day, I had today! I managed to find inspiration as I played with paper and pencil in an effort to come up with a workable design for Scarlett Lanson's "use the muse" contest. I usually start off with "what if . . . " then scribble a bit more on paper and finally feel that perhaps it's time to reach for the beads and thread. And this morning I could not WAIT to start working on this! I believe what I have will work! Now I have to run down a few more items to finish this, and with time available to me this weekend, should finish the piece with time to spare.

This afternoon and evening we were happy to entertain a wonderful out-of-town friend and enjoyed some lovely time together. I shared some of my beady work items and she fell for an 'almost-finished' (story of my life!) three-strand necklace using hematite beads and grey pearls.
So tonight I not only finished this (added cones and dressed up the closure somewhat), but I also make a nice pair of matching earrings. I just know when I present these to her tomorrow that she will be pleased. Putting a smile on someone's face is what makes me happiest!

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