Right Angle Weave -- my first attempt

I actually broke out and purchased some swarovski crystals to embellish the next right angle weave piece I'm planning. I love Lisa Kan's work, and her most recent book -- Bead Romantique -- is one I'm delighted to have purchased some time ago. I was delighted to see her contribution to the current edition of Beadwork Magazine and was encouraged to finally conquer the fear of learning to do Right Angle Weave! I went ahead and stitched a bracelet-length strip of RAW using lined glass 11o's, embellished it with what I had on hand -- squares, triangles and hex beads for their texture -- and added a tubular clasp.
I have to say I'm delighted with the result. I will of course make this design again (was as always planning the 'improvements' in my head as I worked on it) and this time around I will include some crystals! I've managed to master most if not all of the other stitches, but never tried RAW. For the first piece of RAW I've attempted, the bracelet is wonderful.

This morning when I began my second bracelet-strip of RAW I got as far as making a square, and thought I'd like to make JUST this square into a pendant.
I felt that with metal connectors added to this square, I'd have a nice focal for a pendant to hang from or perhaps make this the focus of a necklace. I am SO very pleased with the results so far and am taking a break from it now just to write this before I go any further. I'll enclose a photo and hopefully another photo when the item is finished. (Adding photo of finished necklace!)
The metal connectors I chose came on a card with four pairs of connectors: one set each in a silver, gold, antique-gold and copper finish. I will use all four connectors and make slight variations ...I like to do this and fully explore each idea that besets me!

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