Exploring RAW a little more, and using some metal inserts

Having finished the little RAW bracelets and brought some joy to a couple of special people, I actually made one in a lime green -- a color I love to wear! This is simple and yet so much fun to wear! What I like best about this little bracelet is that it fits so comfortably and does not 'get in the way' at all. My daughter loves this design as she can wear it to work and type away quite happily!

Before putting the RAW away for a while (I still have two commission pieces I'm working on LOL) I wanted to use what I'd learned in constructing the Right Angle Weave base,

and so played with some beads and pearls to construct a circular necklace focal. I then added some seed beads to attach this to some small antiqued brass metal pieces I ordered on the internet and so the necklace 'grew.'

I am truly happy with the result -- can already see some more variations that I'd love to try but once again MUST mention that there are NEVER enough hours in the day!

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  1. and that daughter would be me. YAHOO! i must post a pic of the one you sent me. It's awesome! and the clasp you use is genius.