Use the Muse entry submitted!

I finally finished off my necklace entry for the Use the Muse contest and was truly very happy with the results. I'll be pleased to post a photo when permitted to do so! However, today was spent writing a few words to be published along with the photo and of course of taking a decent photograph or two. You'd think this was the easiest part, but in truth I found it difficult. There were many interruptions and the hours just melted away . . . so it was four o'clock today before it was all finally on it's way to Scarlett. I was very relieved when the email was sent and the project finally completed.

I enjoyed this exercise as it was totally a challenge for me. I have never incorporated an item such as this 'muse' piece into any of the jewelry pieces I have made to date. I have to say it stretched my designing abilities and challenged me to make my drawing a reality. I believe I ended up with a piece that does the muse kit justice and am VERY anxious indeed to see what everyone else has been able to produce. I believe much of the fun is in seeing what many others who receive exactly the same kit will produce.

I would like to thank Scarlett for this opportunity to 'grow' and am delighted to have had the opportunity to take part.

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  1. yahoo! I think you did a great job and it's great to see the story behind it :)